ROUNAQ, coming from a family of doctors and being one myself today at 22, acting and starring in a movie as a heroine at 21. While one was my dream, another was my passion.

But Rounaq was my happy place, the one i lived when i first designed an outfit at 13.

Rounaq makes me feel full, complete i believe. The moment i see my design come to life, is the same feeling a mother feels when she sees her child for the first time.

This brand is not a business, it’s my Baby.

And one would ask octopus as a logo why?

Well, octopus symbolizes concepts such as imagination without limits as well as unconditional love.

And known for being the king of disguise to multi-task masters, octopus is also a symbol of selflessness and self-sacrifice

A mantra of the octopus is: I have what I need to succeed: Mine happens to be my honesty towards my dream, my talent and my respect towards the people who are helping me fulfil my dream by working as hard as me.

Special thanks to the ones that took “ROUNAQ” from ‘her’ to ‘we’ : 

Miss Komal, Miss Bhuvee, Miss Aarohi

Mister S.K.,  Mister Anmol, Mister Kreet

Mister Ryan, Mister Amrinder 

To the dream team : Mister Rahul,

Mister Ankush, Mister Rohit, Mister Deepak, Mister Aman.

We at rounaq are EXCLUSIVE yet ETHEREAL.

At the end, do not forget to be kind.

Love, Rounaq